Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How much pain can I expect to feel using Crystal Clear Aligners?

    Some soreness after inserting your new aligner is to be expected. This is normal and shows that the aligners are gently working to move your teeth into the correct position. This soreness should go away within a couple of days after the start of your treatment, however; if you continue to experience pain, contact your doctor immediately.

  • Will my speech become affected while wearing aligners?

    As with any orthodontic treatment that requires an oral appliance to be placed, your speech may be temporarily affected. The most common effect people experience is a temporary lisp that disappears once your tongue becomes accustomed to the appliance.

  • What can I do if my aligner doesn’t snap onto or fit my teeth perfectly?

    A slight deviation between your appliance and teeth is perfectly normal. Because the aligner is made to correct the current position of your teeth, it will take some time before your teeth fit the mold perfectly. However, if you feel that the discrepancy between your teeth and the aligners is too significant, contact your doctor to correct the fit.

  • Are there any food restrictions while wearing Crystal Clear Aligners?

    Due to the fact that Crystal Clear aligners are removable, there are no diet restrictions, unless otherwise noted by your healthcare professional.

  • Can I drink and eat while wearing my aligners?

    It is not recommended that you drink or eat while wearing your aligners. The aligners can trap food and bacteria beneath, which can cause cavities. Furthermore, hot beverages can cause the material to warp. Thus, it is recommended to remove your aligner before consuming food or beverages other than cool water.

  • Can I chew gum while wearing my aligner?

    No. Gum will stick to the surfaces of your aligners. Remove your aligner before consuming any snacks or meals.

  • Will smoking or chewing tobacco discolor my aligner?

    Aligner discoloration is a possibility, thus we discourage the use of any tobacco products while using aligners.

  • What happens if I lose or break my aligner?

    Immediately inform your doctor’s office if you have lost your aligner. You will be instructed to wear your last set until a new set arrives at the office to replace the lost/ broken one. New sets usually take a few days to arrive, so do not delay in contacting the office to prevent any unwanted shifts in tooth position and movement.

  • What if an attachment breaks or becomes loose?

    Call your doctor’s office immediately to schedule an appointment.

  • How often will I be scheduled for follow up?

    We see our Crystal Clear Aligners patients at longer intervals compared to patients with traditional braces. We encourage our patients to visit our office about every three months to pick up their new trays and make any adjustments. We think that you will choose our new aligner product over other appliances to perfect your smile.

  • Where do I send my finished impression kit?

    P.O. Box 519, Morganville NJ 07751


WARNING: ALTHOUGH RARE, ALLERGIC REACTIONS TO THE MATERIAL PRESENT IN CRYSTAL CLEAR ALIGNERS ARE POSSIBLE. If you suspect an allergic reaction, immediately discontinue the use and contact your doctor.